St. James of London week three summary

St. James of London


At the end of the third week out of six weeks shaving with the St. James of London products I was still stuck on shaving with the bowl less imageshaving cream. This is really surprising to me considering that I was a little apprehensive about trying it to begin with. There are a couple of reasons why I was a little apprehensive. The first reason is, I’m kind of a lather junkie. I like lots of lather in my shave bowl. Even though this also means more wasted product in the end I’m still hooked on lather. The second reason is, you can’t have warm lather at the same time for shaving. I started warming my lather for every shave a couple of months ago. I fill a plastic bowl full of hot water and partially submerge my ceramic shaving bowl intostjamesoflondon_23262172313_o the hot water. The result is warm lather from start to finish every time. Having warm lather sitting on your Dome and face is a fantastic feeling especially when the lather is thick and creamy like the lather from the St. James of London shaving products. The third reason is because I like the ritual of building and rebuilding the same lather in between applications to your Dome and face. I like using a shave bowl for the time-honored tradition of wet shaving. The ritual is more than just setting up and cleaning up, it’s following a tradition every time, its practicing an art form that some day I plan of passing down to my son.

Those are some of the reasons why I like using a shaving cream from St. James of London that requires the use of a bowl. Like I previously statedstjamesoflondon_23262182353_o I’ve been hooked on the bowl less shaving cream from St. James of London. I stated why I like using the shaving cream that requires a bowl but here are the reasons why I like using the bowl less shaving cream as well. The simplicity of it, the simplicity of building your lather as you shave is remarkable and less time-consuming. Even though I stressed how I like the ritual of wet shaving in terms of setting up and cleaning up it can also be a job especially when you are stretched for time. I also love seeing the explosion of lather from my brush every time I re-lather my Dome or face for the second and third pass. re-lathering is easy when it comes to the bowlimage less shaving cream from St. James of London, it’s already on your brush, as you rotate your brush on your Dome or face the bowl less shaving cream rebuilds its lather every time.

A little goes a long way with the bowl less shaving creams from St. James of London, but if you want to build an over abundance of lather with each re-lather just add a little more product to your brush. The more product you add the more robust it becomes. No matter which way you decide to shave with St. James of London one thing is for sure. A perfect shave is what you get every time. Love your product and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!



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