Beaver WoodWright week two summary

 Beaver WoodWright


Week two out of the six week shave project with Beaver WoodWright was just as good as the first when compared to positive#beaverwoodright attributes the shaving products from Beaver WoodWright added toimage my shave routine. The results were the same as the first week. The skin on my Dome and face felt soft and smooth. The skin on my Dome and face showed increased hydration and suppleness that prevented a lot of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Overall the second week was just as fantastic as the first.

I decided at the beginning of the second week that my primary focus would center around function. To be more exact, the functionality of the plastic shave tubsimage that the shaving soap from Beaver WoodWright comes packaged in. Before I talk about that I want to make a side note. I really like the labeling and themeimage that Beaver WoodWright has chosen to go with. I think the red and black labeling strengthens the pirate theme that Beaver WoodWright has built. It just seems to match, It just says pirates to me. Ok, back to the functionality of the plastic shave tubs. First lets talk about the purpose of a shave bowl. A shave bowl is meant for two purposes. To help create lather and to hold your lather. That’s pretty much it. I for one likeimage shave bowls, especially shave bowls that are over sized and has plenty of room forimage a lot of lather. I’m a lather junkie and probably always will be. The use of a shaving bowl does make your clean up time longer.

The plastic shaving tubs that the Beaver WoodWright shaving product comes packaged in has enough room to build you lather right there in the tub itself. The shave soap from Beaver WoodWright is a hard bodied soap that lathers well withimage a hard bristled shave brush. You can use a soft bristled brush if you wish however your lather may not be as robust and creamy as it would be with a hard bristled brushimage. After building my lather in the same plastic tub as the shave soap from Beaver WoodWright I got down to the business of shaving starting with applying the thick and creamy lather to my Dome and face. The lather was nice and thick. The lather seemed more dense than it ever did when buildingimage it in my shave bowl.

There was less lather in the plastic tub compared to the amount that would fill my imageshave bowl. However, the lather was of better quality. It took less water to start the lather when building it in the plastic shave tub and the lather soaked up the bristles of my shave brush and exploded on to my Dome and face with each application. My cleanup time was less and the left over lather dried back into the soap over night with leaving theimage lid of to dry and to prevent mold from taking over my containerimage of Beaver WoodWright shave soap. I didn’t know how I would like the process of building lather in the same container the shave soap from Beaver WoodWright came in. Now I’m thinking, why go back to using a bowl.

The plastic tubs that the shave soap from Beaver WoodWright comes packaged in serves a lot of purpose and is very functional. I look forward to another week of bowl less shaving. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.



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