Captain’s Choice week three summary

Captain’s Choice


At the end of week three out of the six week shave project with Captain’s Choice shave products, I want to talk about diversity of products used together with Captain’s Choice shave soap to achieve whatimage I consider to be as close to a perfect shave that Captain’s Choice shave products can provide. One of my overall goals for this six week shave project with Captain’s Choice is to test their shaving products with other oils, after shave splash/balms and moisturizers. What I’m discovering during these last three weeks is that the Captain’s Choice shave products work well with other pre and post prepcaptainschoice_25717068353_o shave products.

First and foremost the Captain’s Choice after shave splash and balm match the shave soap effortlessly. The different scents of after shave balms and splashes let off aromas that even though may be different, match each other gracefully. I’ve used many different combinations of pre-shave oil, after shave splash and balms and finally following up with different moisturizers. The Captain’s Choice shave soap already provides your skin with a great post shave feel. In my own opinion pre and post shaveccchoice_26554807782_o products should never be used to account for a shave soap or creams short comings. The pre-shave oil/after shave balm/splash and moisturizers used for pre and post shave  routine products should just provide additional hydration and moisturization for your Dome and face.

At the end of week three the results of a weeks worth of shaving with the Captain’s Choice shave products have the same results as the last three weeks all together. A great shave from start to finish. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.



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