Menthol Project Week One Summary

Menthol Project


Welcome to the first week of the six week Menthol Project. Menthol has had a love hate relationship with a lot of shavers for a long time. Some31357066484_46fbd4f97a_o like the cooling sensation menthol leaves after their shave is over while others do not. I for one love the cooling sensation of menthol on my 31357058344_78aeed5dee_ofreshly shaved Head and face. I think it feels fantastic. I decided that since I love menthol so much I would do a six week  shaving project of nothing but mentholated soaps and creams. Along with menthol I also added peppermint since it has the same cooling effect on the skin. Menthol and peppermint not only feel cooling on the skin but they also help lower your body’s temperature. This is why menthol shaving soap or cream is widely used on a more consistent basis during the31823010980_04bcec6fe5_o summertime. The cooling effect on the skin and lowering the body’s temperature is a perfect31823025880_713deeca39_o combination during those hot summer days and nights.

The first week out of the six weeks I just really focused on shaving with each soap or cream. I had six shaving products consisting of ‘Ice Pac’ from Wolf Pac Shaving, ‘Cooling’ shaving cream from Cremo Company, ‘Peppermint’ from Fuzzy Face Soaps, ‘Vostok’ from Queen Charlotte soaps which has sadly closed, ‘Frostbite’ from Kramperts Finest and ‘Peppermint’ from Dr. Bronners 31357063184_ed29fd1c7a_oto use. I also had a couple of oils and aftershave that contained menthol or peppermint to add to the project increasing and lengthening the 31823047220_42e99e623c_ocooling effect on my skin. Each soap is different but all provided a great cooling effect. I’ve also noticed that the longer the lather sits in your bowl, or in the same container it comes in the stronger the cooling sensation is on your skin while shaving. Each of the six soaps I used all produced a nice thick and31823049480_3684e1c067_o creamy lather. There are many similarities between each soap but still each one is different.

Along with the soaps I’ve also added the ‘Frost bite’ aftershave splash from Kramperts finest31823037720_2e1ce70da0_o, the ‘Beard and Face Wash’ from Cremo Company that contains ‘Tea tree Oil’ and ‘Peppermint’ along with the beard oil that also contains ‘Tea Tree Oil’ and ‘Peppermint’. The first week out of the six week menthol project has been an introduction to all six soaps. My skin has felt nice, smooth and supple all week.  I had a great time comparing all six soaps. I’m really excited to see what the next week will bring. Love your products and you will love the results!




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