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6 Weeks of Shaving is BaldTastic!


Welcome to the new home for the 6 week shave projects. It seems only right that my new shave projects gets their own home. This site is dedicated solely to my new 6 week shave projects. Knowledge is power and informing other shavers of the advantages and disadvantages of each shaving product. Along with shaving for 6 weeks with a designated brand of soap, the pre and post prep shave products will also be featured as well. Each 6 week shave project can be found on this designated site.

TheBaldNation.Com is still there!


You can still find all of my product reviews and future product reviews to come on that hasn’t changed. This site is solely dedicated to the 6 week shave projects. There will be links through out this site to navigate you back to and vice versa. I hope these 6 week shave projects will help you to find some new products to try if you feel the need to change your shaving routine. I also hope to educate shaver with the need for a good pre and post prep shave routine. Great pre and post prep shave products can really unlock the power of your shave soap and what it can do for the skin on your dome and face. Thank you for being a part of my 6 week shave projects. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!