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SoapCommander week 6 summary

SoapCommander Final Week


In week six of the six-week shave the project with SoapCommander I wanted IMG_6853to focus on a great shave every day and focused on the elements that can make that great shave every day happen. I Bloomed my designated shave soap from SoapCommander every day as well as kept the lather warm from start to finish for the entire shave. I was very happy with the final results and I’m pretty positive I have found my new shaving routine with SoapCommander.

I talked about Blooming in one of my past summary’s. Blooming in shortIMG_8107 description is soaking your shave soap for a short designated time frame to soften the soap for a creamier and robust lather. The water used to soak your soap is saved for lathering purposes. You can also use the saved water used for blooming your soap as a nice pre-shave soap. The soapy water saved and used as a pre-shave soap helps the lather cling to the skin on your Dome and face. I use the pre-shave soap and a pre-shave oil at the same time. I found IMG_8161that using both only enhances the cushion of the shave soaps from SoapCommander. If you have not tried blooming your shave soap or using the saved water as a pre-shave soap I highly recommend it.

On top of Blooming the shave soap from SoapCommander everyday, I also warmed my full bowl of creamy and rich SoapCommander lather every day as well. Warmed lather helps loosen up the skin on your dome and face and helps it to breathe. The skin is much softer and smoother and helps prevent razor burn, cuts and scrapes. I filled a plastic bowl IMG_8373with hot water and immersed my ceramic shave bowl in the hot water. Make sure your plastic bowl is wide enough for shave bowl to sit in. The shave bowl does not have to be ceramic. I’ve tried a plastic shave bowl as well. A ceramic shave bowl works best because ceramic holds heat longer than a plain plastic bowl.

A ceramic shave bowl is much heavier too. The shave bowl should be heavier so it sits firmly inside the plastic bowl filled with hot water. A shave bowl with a handle on the side works well also. The handle will stop your ceramic shave bowl from sitting to far down in the water. You don’t want water splashing into your shave bowl everyIMG_8349 time you rework your lather. This will make your lather inconsistent during your shave. The handle adds a nice control aspect, so every time you rework your lather you can stop your shave bowl from splashing around in the hot water and making a mess. The lather should be a little thicker when you immerse your shaving bowl in hot water to keep your lather warm for your nightly shave. The warmth will loosen your lather a little, and if your lather is a loosened consistency already it will stay on the loosened side due to the warmth. Overall it’s all about choices and what you feel is a goodIMG_8085 consistency of your shave lather for the night.

I found that with Blooming my dedicated SoapCommander shave soap for the night. Along with keeping the lather consistently warm from start to finish, it brought out some great qualities in the shave soap from SoapCommander. Every night was a fantastic shave with a great cushion and slickness that made for a smooth and comfortable shave. Watch for my SoapCommander summary of the six-week shave project. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


SoapCommander week 5 summary



The week five out of the six weeks with SoapCommander went as usual. Each day was complete with a smooth comfortable shave with a greatIMG_8265 thick and creamy lather. Each lather had a great cushion and slickness that provided a great shave every time. I focused on two things in week five of my six weeks with SoapCommander.

The first out of the two things I focused on every day was Blooming my shave soap before my nightly shave. Blooming is a process in which you soak your shave soap before use. Blooming softens your shave soap and makes your lathering time shorter. The once hard bodied soap that you softened by rotations of your shave brush to work up that nice creamy lather is now already softened. Let me break it down for you from the beginning.

I wanted to see what differences Blooming my shave soap from SoapCommander made in different areas of my nightly shave. I wanted to see if the time and quality of lather as well as IMG_8107the consistency of the nightly lather changed at all from Blooming. The prep time is minimal and takes very little work especially if you bloom your soap while you’re in the shower, which is exactly what I did. I soaked my shave brush at the same time I bloomed my shave soap for an even better experience.

I took the lid off of the container of SoapCommander and covered the top of the hard bodied shave soap with hot water from the faucet in the bathroom. It’s suggested to Bloom your shave soap for 10-15 minutes. I decided that I would set my standard at 15 minutes for a softer soap. Within that 15 minutes while my shave soap was blooming and my shave brush was soaking I showered and got my other shaving products ready for my nightly shave.

After the 15 minutes was done I emptied the water from my shave bowl that I used to soak my brush with. I squeezed the bristles on my shaveIMG_8374 brush once to drain out some of the excess water but not all of it and then I set my brush off to the side. I took the container of SoapCommander that had been soaking in the hot water and I poured the hot soapy water into a separate bowl and kept it for later use. Know the once hard bodied SoapCommander shave soap was softened and ready to lather.

I started to rotate my shave brush and immediately noticed the difference in the lather right away. When you first start to work up a lather with a non Bloomed shave soap you first get a runny pre-lather that you work into the desired lather of your liking. With a Bloomed shave soap you by-pass the watery pre-lather stage and go right to the thick pre-shave lather you want. Now you can start working your lather up into the thick,IMG_8106 rich and creamy lather you want.

Once I get the desired amount of the thick pre-shave lather into my shaving bowl, I then can start working the lather up. My lather is a little thick to begin with. You will notice this by the consistency. If your lather looks to thick and sticky add some of the water that you have saved. you can either dip your brush into the water or pour a little into your shaving bowl. Then re-lather. There is no right or wrong with lathering its all what you like. I think there is a standard to judge by. If your lather is to runny then your cushion might be less making it easier to get razor burn, cuts and nicks. If your lather is too thick than it might not transfer from the brush to your IMG_8131dome as well and you may use to much at one time. In the long run its all about your preferences and what you like.

I want to talk a little bit about the saved water that was set aside in a separate container. The trick with this water is how much water you use . The hot water softens the soap and the soap mixes with the hot water. I guess you can say the water and the soap infuse together. The more water you use the less soapy and tacky it will be . If you don’t add enough water than the infused soapy water is really tacky but less abundant and you run out in the middle of your nightly shave.

You want to use this soapy water anytime you re-lather during your shave. You really are just using the extra soapy water to re work your lather. This makes for a much creamier lather. TheIMG_8132 more soapy it is the less runny your lather will be. The less soapy the water is the harder it will be to achieve your desired lather. You can also use the saved soapy water as a pre-shave soap as well. I use both a pre-shave oil and this soapy pre-shave soap. Some might call it overkill but I haven’t noticed any side effects from to much pre-shave product. At the end of the day when your done with your nightly shave it all comes down to choices and what you like and don’t like. Each person likes something different when it comes to shaving routine and products. Blooming is just one way I have found to make my nightly shaves better. I’ve added blooming as a staple to my shaving routine from now on.

In my last week to come with SoapCommander I’m going to include a way to keep my lather warm from start to finish with every shave. I’m looking forward to this small change in my shaving routine. Even though it might be small it makes a big change in comfort. Love your products and you will love the results! Have a #Baldtastic day!


SoapCommander week four summary

The Commander week four


In the past three weeks I shaved with all four scents of SoapCommander shave soap. The “Vision, Respect, Confidence and Endurance”IMG_6681 all performed the same with great outcomes. The consistency and abundance of lather along with the fantastic cushion as well as the increased slickness makes shaving with SoapCommander a smooth and comfortable experience whether you’re an everyday shaver or an every other day shaver.

This was my fourth week with SoapCommander and I decided to focus on one shave soap for the week. My choice was “Vision”. The Aqua, Amber and Mint scent of “Vision” leans more towards the Mint side.IMG_7929 It’s a nice aroma that fills the air around you with a pleasant smell but is not to strong that it’s overwhelming. I decided to just take a couple of days and enjoy each shave SoapCommander had to offer. I worked on my lathering skills.

SoapCommander is a shave soap that has a great lather, if you get the water to soap ratio correct, you get a thick, rich and creamy lather with a good consistency that only SoapCommander can provide. In my week three summary I talked about the process of Blooming. Blooming is a way to soften the shave soap to get to the sweet spot of a thick and IMG_7924rich lather right away. In my week five summary to come I will talk about blooming with more description.

Week four was a great week with SoapCommander. The SoapCommander aftershave balm is definitely a positive attribute to any pre and post prep shave routine. The SoapCommander aftershave dries into your dome and face quickly leaving room for your favorite moisturizer. I’m looking forward to week five with SoapCommander and all the great shaves ahead. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day


SoapCommander week three summary

The Commander week three


The third week of my six-week review with SoapCommander marked the ending of using all four scents in one week. The fourth, fifthIMG_6853 and sixth week I will be concentrating on one scent for the whole week. The third week went as usual with a great shave every night with each scent of SoapCommander.

The Vision, Respect, Endurance and Confidence scented soap from SoapCommander performed great with the amount of lather each soap provided with little product needed to accomplish the task. All four Soaps provided a nice creamy lather with a great cushion for a comfortable smooth shave. All four soaps not only provided a great cushion with a comfortable shave, but also included a slickness that gave my razor a smooth surface for shaving that drastically decreased the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks.

Overall all, all four scents of soap from SoapCommander gave an incredible shave. This is my third out of six weeks shaving IMG_6678every day with SoapCommander. The skin on my Dome and face has felt much soft and smoother on a daily basis. I’ve been able to follow my daily shaving routine without discomfort of razor burn cuts or nicks. I believe this is a result from the great cushion and slickness that SoapCommander provides through the over abundance of lather from a small amount of product needed to produce this thick and creamy lather.

I also tried something new as well. I started thinking about re-using the lather that was left over after my nightly shave. I’ve saved my left over lather before by putting it back into the soap container itself and letting it dry back into the soap over night. This method works well. IMG_7436It takes less time to build a respectable pre-lather to work into a thicker creamier lather. You re-use the lather from the night before, ultimately using less soap on a daily basis. I thought, let’s go one step further in the quest for shaving for pennies and to make your shave soap last even longer.

After my nightly shave I left the lather in the shave bowl that I would be using the next night. I let it dry over night and all day until it was time once again for my nightly shave. Instead of adding more soap to it, I just soaked my brush and re-worked the lather. The results were not as I hoped. The consistency of the lather IMG_7466was not like the night before. The lather was a little runny and there was less of a cushion. The left over lather still provided a good shave, but was below the standard of a regular shave from the SoapCommander shave soap.

The second time I tried something a little different. I still saved the lather from the previous night but added a little new lather from the container of shave soap from SoapCommander. I only needed a little bit of new lather to thicken the re-used lather up. The consistency was better and resembled more of a normal lather you get from SoapCommander on a consistent basis. I was happy with the results, but realized that was more work.

My final conclusion is that it makes more sense to just add the left over lather into the container of shave soap from SoapCommander for IMG_7438your next shave. The left over lather will dry back into the soap mixing in with the original soap and creating a thick and rich, creamy lather the next night and still save you product in the end. Saving time and product is what shaving for pennies is all about.

The next week is my fourth out of six weeks with SoapCommander. I will be picking one specific scent of SoapCommander shave soap to shave with everyday. This next week I’m going to try blooming my pre-selected shave soap every night to see what difference it will make in several areas. I will see if the process of Blooming changes the consistency, abundance of lather, and the time frame it takes to build a respectable lather. I also hope to discover if it changes the amount of water needed to keep the lather at a consistent level and still provide the great shave that SoapCommander is known for. My third week with SoapCommander has been a great week with a great shave every night. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!



SoapCommander week two summary

My second week with the Commander



I decided the first couple of weeks of my six weeks with soapcommander would be the daily use all four soaps Endurance, Confidence, IMG_8086Vision and Respect. I gave a lot of thought to whether I wanted to focus more on one soap per week, or, a combination of all four soaps combined in a week. My decision was both, three weeks of all four soaps from the SoapCommander and then the last three weeks concentrating on one soap per week.

My first week with SoapCommander was a great week filled with comfortable shaves every day no matter what soap I used combined with a great pre and post prep shave routine. Like I stated in the one week summary of my six weeks with SoapCommander, there was not any trace of razor burn, cuts or nicks. Could the second week be just as good aIMG_8062s the first week. I will answer that question with a solid yes! The second week with SoapCommander was just as good as the first week.

I did however have a couple of small patches of razor burn that lasted for a day and then the patches were gone. This razor burn could have been from the continuous daily shaves without giving my dome at least one day of rest, or, it could be from a certain scent of SoapCommander I used for the night. No matter what kind of shaver you are be it wet, cartridge, head shaver or all three, you are bound to get someIMG_7435 kind of razor burn no matter how much experience with shaving you have. That’s just part of the shaving experience.

Near the end of the second week I started to notice an overall smoothness of my dome and face. It’s more than just a normal smoothness from a great shave. It’s an everyday smoothness that’s noticeable even through the stubble that accumulates on your dome and face near the end of the day before your daily, or, every other day shave. The skin on my Dome and face started to feel extra smooth and soft as well as more pliable and better hydrated. I’ve noticed IMG_7215an overall extra shine about my Dome and face especially when the stubble is noticeable near the end of the day before my nightly shave.

I credit these changes to SoapCommander’s soap providing a great cushion with an added slickness that provides my razor a smooth surface to glide across my Dome and face for a close and comfortable shave. I also credit these changes to a great pre and post prep routine consisting of exfoliation before and after shaving. A pre-shave oil that provides your dome and face with an extra slick surface for your razor to glide across your skin no matter what you are shaving.IMG_7929 An aftershave balm that helps kill any potential bacteria or redness you might get from small cuts and nicks during shaving. Last but not least a great moisturizer to help keep the skin well hydrated and smooth.

All together my second week with SoapCommander has been great. I’ve noticed some good changes at the end of the week with increased smoothness and softness with my Dome and face leading to more comfortable shaves with better results. Going into week three out of my six-week project with SoapCommander I hope that the increased comfort and smoothness with my dome and face continues and increases. During the third week I will also be looking closer at the lathering capabilities of SoapCommander. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!



SoapCommander week one summary

My first week with the Commander



Starting off my first week out of the six weeks with SoapCommander I couldn’t decide which scent to use. I decided to try a different fragrance every day. I had four fragrances to choose from. IMG_6678Vision, Respect, Endurance and Confidence. Are you seeing a hidden message here? These four fragrances also represent four characteristic traits that help any Bald guy become a better well-rounded person in life to your family, friends and citizen in your community. Right away I felt that stiff upper lip swell up and I was eager to get started whipping up the deep, thick and rich lather SoapCommander was known and loved for.

I decided to start off the week of multiple fragrances of SoapCommander with the scent of “Confidence” it seemed like a fitting starting point since the Bald lifestyle gives you increased confidence. Throughout the IMG_6679rest of the week the scents Vision, Respect and Endurance followed in my line up of SoapCommander shave soaps to discover the maximum benefits of every day use with this great brand.

Each scent of shave soap from SoapCommander functioned the same way as far as the over all consistency, abundance and texture of lather which was smooth, thick and creamy. The smoothness and cushion of the lather was the same with all four scents of shave soap from SoapCommander. As far as functionality of the soaps the lather was thick and rich. It loaded my shave brush and transferred to my dome and face. The applicationIMG_8086 was quick and easy. The everyday shave itself starting from day one to the ending of the first week out of the six weeks to come was smooth and comfortable. The shave soap from SoapCommander has a great cushion and slickness that decreases the chances of razor burn and any cuts, scratches or nicks.

The aroma of all four scents was the only difference so far of the multiple shave soaps from SoapCommander I had to try. The aroma was at its strongest the first time the lid was taken off. With the first use the fragrance filled the room with the aroma of the soap. IMG_7089This over abundance of aroma quickly dissipated and calmed down to a pleasant and faint aroma that kept its presence throughout the day in small reminders that the shave soap from SoapCommander provided you with the smoothest and closest shave I’m sure to expect within the several weeks to come.

Overall my first week with SoapCommander used on a daily basis has been a pleasant week filled with a great shave every day. I’ve not had problems with razor burn, cuts or nicks. After my nightly shave is done I’m left with a smooth and comfortable dome and face that carries through the day and into the next shave. How will my next week of daily use with SoapCommander end? Will it still be as comfortable the second week compared to my first? Will there be any unforeseen reactions to the shave soap from SoapCommander that will flare up?

Wait and see for the conclusion of my second week out of the six weeks with SoapCommander. Love your products and you will love the results!